About Me

Hello y’all

I’m Walid.

A software engineer from the beautiful city of Annaba, Algeria. Just exceeded a decade of experience in general purpose programming and development, and it’s all like yesterday.

I had the opportunity to work on some challenging problems, these include scaling Elasticsearch, creating software & infrastructures that process millions of records a day, deploying serverless apps with AWS Lambda, tinkering with Unicode and ligatures with Golang, or even chasing memory leaks within Python programs…

I had especially an extensive Python experience using Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery, Redis. I helped to build one of Algeria’s first SAAS-based Learning Management System (LMS): coursella.com, I love making CLIs, I’m a Linux fan and I mostly live in the terminal, I get obsessed with making systems and programs run safer and faster, so I sometimes switch gears to Golang, static typing and compile time checks.

On the social side, I like to advocate for opensource, I helped to organize a Linux install party, a local Hackathon, a TEDx, local dev workshops, or a jury in the Algeria Web Awards national competition, I used to blog and write tech news in Arabic.